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Weddings Illustrated - Colene Visser and David Frost


Weddings Illustrated - Colene Visser and David Frost

Unique Visions

In Stellenbosch, South Africa, where the mountains meet vineyards, Colene Visser and David Frost grew up living separate yet connected lives. Their family ties went back a generation, as their fathers were old friends. “My dad has known David since he was 5,” Colene says.

Colene, however, didn’t meet David until years later. It was November 1997, and David, a professional golfer, was living in the United States and traveling on the PGA Tour. The two hit it off when they met at a restaurant in Stellenbosch during one of David’s annual trips home, and they began dating.

Eventually, though, the distance proved to be too strenuous, and they went their separate ways. Each married someone else, and the two lost contact with one another.

Yet as fate would have it, history repeated itself 14 years later. In November 2011, both single again, Colene and David reconnected in South Africa, where David was playing in a tournament.

“He took me out for a drink, and a drink became dinner, and the next thing we knew, we spent a whole weekend just talking,” Colene recalls.

So smitten was David that three weeks into their relationship, he asked a stunned and tearful Colene to marry him.

“What people don’t understand is we’ve actually known each other for so long,” Colene says. “It was meant to be. You know in your heart.”